( Dear All Fans ans Visitor, Currently Odesk Change their Name to “Upwork” )

oDesk is a global job marketplace with a series of tools targeted at businesses that intend to hire and manage remote workers. Based in Redwood City, CA, oDesk was founded in 2005 by Greek entrepreneurs Odysseas Tsatalos and Stratis Karamanlakis.(Wikipedia)

How to Start Working in Odesk

There are Step by Step working System

How to Setup my Odesk Account:

Step 1:- Go to Odesk.
Step 2: Click on Signup1


Step 3: Click on Signup Under “I Need a Job” 2


Step 4: Fill all Table and Click on Get Started



Step 5: Go to Your Email Inbox a Confirmation Link you will Received and click on Confirm

Step 6: Make Your Profile 100%4


Step 7: Go to User Setting and Fill all Additional Options.5


Step 8: Take Some Skills Test (it can help me to get future more job)6

How to Start Freelancing in Odesk

Step 1: Search job by Select Job Category or Direct on Search Box7


Step 2: Apply on your Interested Project8


Step 3: Write your amount (How Much You Want to Complete this Project), Write your upfront Amount(if you are a new freelancer then you should’t want U upfront money ), Select Estimated Duration(How Many Time You Need To Complete This Project) Write a Super Cover letter to your Buyer, if you have any Sample Work (Before You Done it) Related This Project You Can add It on Attachment, Mark on Agree to Trams, then apply to This Job, then a window will open, now you need to Mark on YES I UNDERSTAND, Now your Application will Submit Successfully




Step 4: If your Client be Interested with your Application, he will Respond on your application (it Called Active Candidacies Then he Will Send you a Message  you Can See His/Her Message on your Message Inbox, Now Your Can Contract With him about This Project, if your Buyer and You be Agree then you can start on Work….After Finishing Work you Need to Submit it to your client, if Your Client be Satisfied then Buyer will Release your Payments..This Payments will be Adjust with your Odesk Financial Account Within 5-7 days.



How to Withdraw Money From Odesk

Step 1: Go to User Setting13

Step 2: Click on Get Paid

Step 3: Add a Payments Method (if you add any payment method it will enable within 3-5 days after adding any Method )

Step 4: Click on Get Paid Now..14

Happy Working……………………………


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